November 30, 2011

HK Part 1 & Macau

Yeah! Finally the HK pictures!  The first 3 days I spent acclimating to the heat and to the 12hrs difference.  Poor BF. he literally slept standing up in the subway.  The trip there was exhausting!  On top of flying for 19hrs, the plane for the last leg of voyage was delayed by 3hrs!  Urgh!

I was so happy to see my parents who were already there a month before.  We spent 2 weeks living together.  It wasn't as crazy as I thought it would be.  If it were 10 years ago, it'd be a completely different story.  I'm glad that my relationship with them has improved over the years.

Visited an island by HK-style boat
Sandy beaches...  I should have brought my swimming suit!

On top of Victoria Point

Two sisters and their daughters.  Aren't they gorgeous?

Light bus traffic jam

Ladies Market:  Lots of cheapies here!  <3

Day 4:  We went to Macau.

Love love love the Portuguese architecture!

Old Macau

Macau is a wonderful mix of Chinese and Portuguese culture.  Of all the pictures I took, the Macau pix are my favorite.

Handmade almond cookies.

Sooo good!  I bought 3 boxes!

My mom and her BBF since childhood.  Isn't it wonderful to have such a lifetime friend?

I cannot wait to go back!  It's going to be in a while, I think.  I just came back from my annual trip to NYC to see my cousin Vicky.  It was my first time there for Black Friday.  And the damages were extensive!  Stay tuned for more HK and NYC pix!



  1. I LOVE these photos! I went to HK only once and loved it. Reminds me of the good times. You look so cute and stylish too! And yes- jet lag is TERRIBLE

    xx THE CHEAP

  2. Wow amazing pictures!! and those almond cookies look delicious!

  3. ah I can just feel the travel bug invading my spirit. MUST. GO. SOMEWHERE!

    Great pictures, I hope you enjoy your time there!

    xxx ninja (


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