November 12, 2011

Ladylike Leather

I'm baaaack!
HK was absolutely wonderful and totally worth the jet lag, which was pretty rough.  Best news is that BF loved the Concrete Jungle too and would like to go back in the future.

We basically just walked and ate the whole time!  I took over 2000 pictures and have not had time to look at them yet.  I came back and had an exam the next day... 2 suitcases to empty, too tired to cook for an entire week.

I think I'm out of practice with blogging!

I had some time to think about my life, how I got here and where I am going.  I realized that all the unpleasantness that I'm experiencing at work has stunted my creativity.  During vacation, I became who I was again:  someone who cracked jokes all the time, who made sarcastic comments and had a caustic humor.  I was someone who laughed.

I look at myself now and wonder how can I go back?  Realization is the first step to recovery, right?

I took these picture before I left for HK.  My terrace looks nothing like this now. 

The photos are too dark to show that I'm wearing a leather skirt.  Instead of being edgy, I like how it's very ladylike.

I'll try to post some HK pictures soon!



Sweater from UO, Zara leather skirt and red pumps, H&M belt, and Jimmy Choo bag.


  1. Cute outfit! I can relate to what you are saying because my full time job is dealing with numbers, stats, etc... and when I didn't have blogging, I rarely got to tap into my creativity and would get home stressed out straight to watching tv so I didn't have to think...

    I'm glad that your trip made you realize things :) and I hope you feel better!


  2. YAY!! your back and yes Glitter shoes would be amazing!!!! So happy you are home safe!

  3. Oh and that necklace to so awesome and your outfit .... LOVE it!

  4. that is such a great outfit :D You are one classy woman! I love the playful touch that comes with the necklace. Very cute.

    xxx ninja (

  5. you look sooo chic and fabulous! :)

  6. Such a pretty outfit :)
    want to see your pic from HK :))

  7. cute outfit love the knee length skirt you look lovely!

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  9. Glad you're back girl!!

    I Totally understand where you're coming from with the jet lag. It's completely killing me haha. Oh and being out of practice with blogging haha. Glad you liked the book too :) many many thanks :)

    xx THE CHEAP

    P.S. you look great as always :)


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