November 18, 2011

New Kitty!

I have a new kitty!!  She's fluffy and adorable!  She hasn't destroyed much in the house yet, but if she lays a claw on my shoes, she's banned from my bedroom forever!  Same goes for my computer cables!  The breeder warned me that kittens liked to chew on wires.  So she better behave if she doesn't want to be locked of from the office.

I know I promised HK pictures but having a kitten is like having a baby.  She cries, she needs hugs, she needs to play...  And I'm thinking, "When am I going to have time to do my homework assignment?"

When am I going to have time to blog?  My favorite thing!

I'll get the hand of juggling all these things in my life, eventually, I'm sure.  But in the meantime, I'll keep doing my best.

With the colder weather, I've been wearing a lot of greys and blacks...  But good thing for red pants!
And here's little Ellie with her favorite mouse.

BF and I (being fans of the tv show Chuck) had our hearts set on 2 names: Awesome if kitty was a boy and Ellie if she's a girl.



Simons blazer, Zara red pants, black T, and sandals, F21 spikes necklace, and H&M white cuff.


  1. CUUUTE CAT ! And your red pants are stunning x


    That's so cute! I'm SO happy for you. haha. Clearly, I'm an animal lover. lol.

    BTW-You have the best legs in the blogosphere!

    xx THE CHEAP

  3. You look absolutely gorgeous! :) I love the trousers. And like the girl above me said: great legs ;)

    I adore the kitten as well!

    xxx ninja (

  4. I'm so so so happy I found your blog, it's beautiful. I happen to adore this last photos, especially the photos!
    Follow each other? :)



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