January 16, 2012

NYC Trip

Happy new year!  How were your holidays?  Mine were half food and half lazing around.  LOL  It felt so good to do nothing!  I watched movies, ate, played video games, watched more movies, and ate some more.

What better reason to throw diet out the window for 2 weeks!  I just restarted my exercise regimen and my thighs are kind of stiff...  Mind you, I haven't really worked out since my trip to HK in October.  I came back, got bronchitis [wheezed and coughed for 2-3 weeks], was in deep studying mode, caught a cold during the finals, and celebrated the holidays... 

For an obsessed disciplined exercise nut like myself, missing 2.5 months of workouts drove me crazy!  Yeah, scoff all you like.  But I like sweating and lifting my weights.

For 2012, sans school, I should be able to post more regularly.  Without further monologue, here are the supremely overdue photos from my last trip to NYC.

Spoils from my shopping spree!

BF got me this blazer from Zara.  How sweet is he?

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