February 03, 2012


Long time no blog!

I'm sad to say that I've been neglecting posting pictures... I seriously don't have time for it. I have a few things lined up, and they have taken priority of my time. Also, the few pictures that I managed to take during the dark days of winter have come up under par [read: sucked @ss].

My baby kitty has been doing well and is full of energy. Here's a picture for your aww-ing pleasure.
She's so adorable that I can't stop squishing her!

In other news, I'll be in Columbia next week for vacation and a couple friends' wedding. I've never been in the south before or basked/baked in the sun on a beach before. I hope we'll have a great time!

I'll never stop hoping for great things to happen in other parts of my life.


Yellow cardi from F21; gray lace tank from a shop in Toronto; gray suede leggings from HM; Steve Madden heels.

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