March 19, 2012

♥ Garance Love!! ♥

I've been meaning to post this for a while, so here it is finally!

I love Garance Dore.  She's my idol!  I follow her blog faithfully and I love her more and more.  Last week, she has shared with us that she and her partner Scott Schuman (The Satorialist) have won the CFDA media award, which they will be accepting in September.  I think was so excited that I left a crazy comment on her blog...  Haha!

The lady is talented. Her photos are amazing!  And her blog is always fun to read.  Although she believes herself to be an outsider of the fashion world, I consider her to be one of the most influential individuals in the world of fashion. 

Lately, she produced a series of videos and they are absolutely delightful to watch.  If you want a glimpse into Fashion Month, this is your chance.  

I'm planning to go to NY Fashion Week in September. It'll be my first time. It's a little early to be asking this, but who'll also be going?


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  1. I love her! I wish I could be joining yo in fashion week.. Enjoy it! xx


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