March 27, 2012

Leo + Lea

I'm loving this look.  During my winter blog-hibernation, where style inspiration reduced to a flat zero, this outfit became my [chic] uniform.  I just adore owning pieces that look so good that I'm tempted in wearing them at least once a week.  It hasn't happened yet. Like I said, I'm tempted.

I gifted myself with this leopard-print sweater a long while ago, during my stint back to school.  It was a reward for all my studious efforts.  A girl's got to make herself happy sometimes often! 

My bedroom is getting a whole new look!  Wonderful BF decided to get rid of some old [hand-me-down] furniture and install 2 Ikea closet units.  Basically my bedroom will become one giant walk-in closet with a bed in the middle.

Yes, we own so much stuff, it overflowed from our regular closet, which we beautified 3 years ago.  Man, I got to stop feeling sentimental about stuff and get rid of some of it!  Maybe I can sell them...  What do you think of that idea?

Happy Tuesday!


Leopard sweater and leather skirt from Zara, purple suede heels from Steve Madden, red lipstick YSL Rouge Veloute.

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  1. That's so cute and simple! I love the outfit and the SHOES! AH! :)
    Hope you follow back!


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