March 15, 2012

Marni + H&M

The only time I went to an H&M collaboration was the one with Jimmy Choo.  And I came back with my stunning studded bad.  It's my baby till this day!

Last week, when they launched the Marni collection, I didn't plan to go.  [Mostly because the pictures on the website were not appealing.]  On the day of, I went anyway, my goal was to fish out the cheapie blouse I saw in the H&M magazine. [Mission accomplished yesterday, when they finally received the stock.]

Long story short, Montreal is not a fashion cray cray city.  Some pieces were really cute, and I just had to try them on.  Fell in love in the fitting room.  And with the swipe of a plastic card, I walked out of the store with 2 Marni pieces.

Here's my favorite.  I wore it the very next day.

I can totally style this jacket with half my wardrobe!  Luuuuv it!
Care to take a guess on the 2nd piece I brought home?
I love spring!!  I've been wearing so much black lately.  Time for a change!  Anyone loving the pastels this season?  Meee!



Marni at H&M blue jacket, Zara gold clutch and charcoal jeans, Steve Madden purple suede heels, Razzle Dazzle top from Urban Outfitter.


  1. really nice, very stylish!

  2. is it the skirt with same pattern?

  3. the jacket looks great on you:)


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