April 18, 2012


Gosh, it was windy! My brother claims he saw a sand whirlwind downtown. I believe him because I was caught in it and got totally sandblasted! It really stung!

And of course [by pure coincidence], I was dressed in desert camo colors. How fitting! While I was in the desert storm, I was virtually invisible! Hah!

And sadly no, it did not help exfoliate my legs.

Would you say the print is camouflage or leopard?  Some people say leopard, others camo...  I think it's a twist in the middle.

And aren't these orange sandals absolutely breathtaking?  They make my legs look so Heidi Klum-like!



Print dress and orange sandals from Zara, metallic belt from BCBG, and RayBan sunnies.

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