August 21, 2012

Dancing Skirt

I have a rule when I go shopping. If I try it on and I don't feel like dancing in it, I won't buy it. When I tried on this fringe leather skirt, I shuffled and wiggled it in the (private) fitting room.  Not sure I can pull any of the moves on those LMFAO videos.  Hah!

Well summer's almost over and I wore this yellow tank top to death.  I love it so much!  The colour, the cut, and the versatility.  It goes with everything, the best kind of top!

I have updates for the wedding planning.  I just have to remember to post them in the wedding section of the blog.  Yeah, no time.   I'm posting this twice-worked article over breakfast.   It's been sitting in my drafts for 2 weeks now!

So far, this has been the best summer e-vah!  I hung out with so many friends, ate so much food, and got totally exhausted from everything...  Please don't let the good times stop!

Keep dancing!


Head to toe in Zara, except for the cardi, which is vintage.  (Vintage because the store I bought it from years ago doesn't exist anymore.)

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