September 15, 2012

Fancy Schmancy Pants!

Wow!  What a great summer I've had this year!

I ate like a farm animal at countless BBQs [at friends', at my place, on the beach], saw so many friends, traveled a bit, sneezed-zing my head off because of seasonal allergies [it's been a whole month and the ragweed isn't done yet?!], and had absolutely no time to update my blog.  I have been quite busy organizing the wedding details.  If you care to check out my inspiration board on Pinterest, please be my guest.

Speaking of wedding, the store received my dress!  I'm so glad I ordered it so many months in advance because it's been discontinued shortly after I placed my order. 
As the weather cools, I slip into equally cool pants and prepare to enjoy what the next season brings.  I wanted desperately to go to Fashion Week in NYC this year, but I was unable to plan it with work.  There's always next year!

Enjoy your weekend!


Fancy pants from H&M, black blazer from Mango, white tank from Club Monaco, and studded heels from Zara.

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