December 12, 2012

Backlogs: Neons

So what's the story behind these slow blog posts?

Partly, I was busy planning wedding details. [I have my dress! It's guaranteed to knock my future husband's socks off!   :) ]

But mostly, I was busy reflecting about my career. Which direction did I want to go? Should I go back to school?  Train to become an accountant?  Where am I right now in my career?

What is my ultimate dream?

I remember a while ago I said that I wanted to work at the head office a fashion company, not in design or anything like that, but as an analyst.  And guess what?

I'm there.

And its all tanks to some very wonderful friends who helped me out.  [I've got some serious Xmas shopping to do!]

I've been at my new fashion job for 2 weeks now, and my brain has not failed me yet!  Haha!

So here are some outfit pictures that I took back in summer.  Presently, there is an inch of snow and Xmas lights outside...

Yeah, I'm really overdue.

Ah, how I love the neons last summer!  And this top!  I have the same one in 3 diff colors!  Love it!

I've got more backlogged pictures coming soon!



Orange neon tank from Zara, BCBG khaki skirt, C Wonder leopard print heels, HM sunnies

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