August 19, 2013

Once in a Blue Moon

I know. It's been ages since my last post. What happened?  Life happened. What a busy year it's been!

Planning for a wedding was quite an experience. I might be biased when I say this, but that was the best wedding ever!!  LOL   I promise to post pictures soon. 

Life as a Mrs. is great!  

And life with the new job is time consuming. I used to take my outfit pictures in the morning and now I just don't have time. I need to rush out the door almost 45 mins earlier than before. And coming home from a long commute looking all rumpled doesn't make the cut for the blog. 

Have I given up?  No. Well my new friend at work seems to believe the blog should be kept alive. I credit these pictures to her.   Thanks, Jas!

Hope to continue keeping this diary alive!

Thanks for your support!


Mango white blazer and black sandals, F21 lace top, Zara light blue jeans, Marc Jacobs bag

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