September 06, 2013

Perfect Jean Shirt

Lots can happen in 2 weeks. What that how long since my last post?  

I was due for a bit of end of summer vacation. The plan was to drive down to Long Island and meet up with my cousins there. It's a crazy long 7-hour drive but totally worth it. 

A week before the anticipated weekend, my cousin's hubby calls me at work and asks if we wanted to meet up in Florida instead. Like, what?  

So after the hubbies spoke, it was settled. We were going to Disney World!

First time in the magical land of Disney and I loved it!

And what's a trip without photos?

I guess I should talk about my outfit in the first 2 pictures. I've been looking forever for a jean shirt of the perfect color. And I just love this one from American Eagle. It's so soft and comfy, I want to wear it everyday!

I haven't done much shopping lately. I'm debating over a new pair of boots. I'll let you know how that goes. 

Have a great weekend!


AE jean shirt, Mexx striped skirt, Zara sandals, Mango tote bag

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