September 29, 2013

Selfie of Jewelry at Work

So I've been sick all week, coughing and sneezing. Not a pretty sight but good thing I have a nice hubby who cooked for me. I'm still not completely recovered but I'm slowly getting back on my feet and doing stuff that I love.

Yes, I still dress up and don't go to work in sweats. Although that's what I felt like doing all week... That and rolling under my desk for a nap. Ugh, it's been a tough week.

Thanks to some encouragement from a dear friend, I'll try harder to take pictures for the blog. Oh! I almost forgot! We (my hubby) will be painting some of the walls white soon! And why is this exciting? Because I might just be able to take indoor pictures now! Presently the walls are this yellowed eggshell tint. Absolutely horrible and time-consuming to edit out from pictures. Can't wait for the fresh paint!

Hope you had a fantastic weekend! Take your vitamins and don't catch a cold!



Laser leather top from Zara

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