November 10, 2015

Pretty Pink

Sorry for the bad lighting, but you know: iPhone, industrial lighting... bad results.

Anyway, I noticed that my style has changed a bit.  I used to wear a lot of bright colors, because they made me happy.  And now I seem to be drawn to more muted tones.  My wardrobe has seen an increase in white, light gray, and pink.  

And don't be alarmed by the crime scene tape, this was taken the week before Halloween.  What?  I posted an outfit, didn't I?  :P

Love you guys!

Special thanks to Anna for helping me with the picture! 

Pink top from RW&Co; some UK brand blazer; Uniqlo jeans; Zara heels 

October 01, 2015

Summer's End

So I should have posted this a few weeks ago, but it slipped my mind. Too many things going on but I'm happy being busy.  And sometimes not too busy. 

I've always wanted a striped midi skirt. And I finally found the perfect one. Pretty, isn't it?  I just love the feminine look about it. 

Thanks, Nina, for taking this pic for me!

Skirt from F21, linen top from RW

September 11, 2015

Dressed Up Sporty

This is actually an old photo taken a while ago.  Completely forgot to publish it.  I hope you like!

This is how you mix all styles together.  Sports t-shirt + lace skirt + leopard heel + red clutch = not too crazy of an outfit

August 12, 2015

The Return?

Back by popular demand.  I didn't know how much people liked my fashion blogging so much until fans started asking me why I stopped. Thanks for the love!

Tas, this one's for you.

(Sorry for the crappy quality.  This was taken with my phone.  Thanks, Anna, for taking this pic for me!)

Vest by Smart Set (sadly, it's vintage now), tank and jeans by American Eagle, shoes by Kenneth Cole

August 16, 2014

Neutral Leopard

For some reason, I always considered leopard print to be neutral.  Proof is how the colors of the bag doesn't steal the show but compliments the whole outfit here.  Really not overly loud.

I had a pair of leo printed flats which I wore so much I was forced to retire them.  No more traction on sole = danger!

Sorry for not blogging more often than I should.  I have been addicted to Pinterest and was a bit busy geeking out on my PS3.  Summer has been great so far!  Filled with friends and yummy food.

Have a great Saturday!


Leopard print bag from Zara (I really wish I could shop elsewhere!)